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Ruling on tribunal fees is a victory for common sense

It may be a simple judgement but it is a profound one. The UK Supreme Court’s judges have taken a dramatic decision that rights a wrong that many felt was harmful to the course of justice. Lord Neuberger, President Lady Hale, Deputy President, Lord Mance, Lord Kerr, Lord Wilson,

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Spirit of good employers is more important than more work legislation

We now understand that the world of work is changing dramatically - and will continue to do so. Followers of our blog will know we have been talking about the rise of self-employment, the pernicious impact of zero-hour contracts, and innovative forms of working that have caused us to question

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How a £200,000 a year fund manager negotiates his or her exit

There is never a lot of public sympathy for mega-high earners. Yet when the axe falls on a big earner’s career who comes into bat on their behalf? Let’s leave aside the culture of envy, because losing employment from a lofty position often means the gilded lifestyle, the private children’s

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