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How a £200,000 a year fund manager negotiates his or her exit

There is never a lot of public sympathy for mega-high earners. Yet when the axe falls on a big earner’s career who comes into bat on their behalf? Let’s leave aside the culture of envy, because losing employment from a lofty position often means the gilded lifestyle, the private children’s

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Doing the honorable thing is no defence under new EU cyber-security rules

The cyber-attacks on the NHS are a shuddering wake-up call for all of us – yet it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to threats to business. Here’s a terrifying case where the managing director of a prominent Scottish company (we'll call him "the boss") has

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Why employment law should be taught at school

Malcolm Mackay, (pictured, left), founder and Chairman of United Employment Lawyers, considers how the addition of employment law to the school curriculum would be of value to the younger generation. Head teachers and educationists normally bristle when it is suggested that extra subject matter should be loaded onto the crowded

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