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Protect your team at work to stop silly own goals

Posted on May 24, 2014 By In The Expert View

Inverness lawyer Ewan Stafford, a solicitor with Macleod & MacCallum, and a UEL member, says the Richard Scudamore affair highlights the importance of having a workable digital policy in place. The press has been awash with allegations that Richard Scudamore, the chief executive of the English Premier League, sent private

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A new age for the older employee

Posted on Mar 25, 2014 By In Inside the world of work

With many more people wanting to work beyond the retirement age, there are clear channels to ensure everyone is treated fairly. Adelle Morris, of Grigor & Young and Moray Employment Law in Elgin (pictured), examines the options. We are all working longer in life. More people are concerned about their

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What’s best when an employee faces a criminal trial

Posted on Mar 04, 2014 By In Events and seminars

What are the right things to do when dealing with misconduct in the workplace? This was the thorny question under discussion at the latest Mac&Mac Legal Lunch seminar, delivered by Ewan Stafford, a member of the United Employment Lawyers’ network, in Inverness. Ewan Stafford, a solicitor with Inverness-based Macleod &

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