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Negotiating around pay inequality

When Glasgow City Council, one of Scotland’s largest employers, voted to end more than a decade of argument over equal pay for low-paid, mainly female staff, it was bound to be controversial. In many ways, the council should be applauded for finally trying to resolve this matter. It was clearly

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Treat people fairly to stay ahead of gig economy

The following article by UEL Chairman Malcolm Mackay appeared in today's Scotsman Newspaper: It's very illuminating speaking to a mini-cab driver. Of course there's been plenty of controversy over the future of the Uber hire car service in the big cities such as London.  And there are definite worries

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Booming gig economy can put workers at risk and they must be properly protected

By Ewan Mowat (pictured) of UEL member firm AC White Solicitors of Ayr. If you have ever had a takeaway delivered or organised a private cab lift to the airport, you will have touched the gig economy. The gig economy has emerged over the last few years, creating thousands of

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