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Why employment law should be taught at school

Malcolm Mackay, (pictured, left), founder and Chairman of United Employment Lawyers, considers how the addition of employment law to the school curriculum would be of value to the younger generation. Head teachers and educationists normally bristle when it is suggested that extra subject matter should be loaded onto the crowded

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How to make certain that a settlement agreement doesn’t leave you unsettled in future

Posted on Jan 09, 2017 By In The Expert View, Employment news

Read the small print to avoid landing in hot water, says David Chalmers (pictured, right). The festive season is a time to meet up with family, friends and perhaps old colleagues. It is an opportunity to catch up on events in the past year and look forward to what the

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Uncertainty and chaos could follow proposed changes to employment tribunal system in Scotland

Posted on Feb 22, 2016 By In Employment news, The Expert View

In light of the fundamental changes that are being proposed to the Employment Tribunal system by the Scottish Government, Malcolm Mackay (pictured), Chairman of United Employment Lawyers, considers that now seems to be a good time to reflect on how parties to employment disputes might be affected. The proposal, which

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