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Scotland’s small law firms

Posted on May 06, 2019 By In Firms, Events and seminars

Scotland’s small towns and communities have been greatly diminished in the past 25 years. Our distinctive High Streets have been decimated as local retailers, banks and post offices have disappeared. Yet amid this transformational change, the local law firm has managed to stand firm.  A proud presence in hundreds of

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Why employment law should be taught at school

Malcolm Mackay, founder  of United Employment Lawyers, considers how the addition of employment law to the school curriculum would be of value to the younger generation. Head teachers and educationists could be forgiven for not wishing to load extra subject matter onto the crowded curriculum. So, at the risk of

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Commonsense approach to mental health needed

The following article by UEL Chairman Malcolm Mackay appeared in The Scotsman Newspaper. That well-known political spin-doctor Alastair Campbell was on the stump in Edinburgh recently. Tony Blair’s former spokesman wasn’t speaking about Brexit nor IndieRef2, but something more personal: his own battle with mental health. For someone, once so

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