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Archives: Oct 23, 2015

All you need to know about zero hour contracts

The guidelines on zero hour contracts are compelling reading for employers and employees who use this kind of working arrangement. United Employment Lawyers shares the information. Zero hours contracts have been the UK's employment law topic of 2015. Despite what politicians say, they do not seem to be going

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How to get key people from overseas into UK businesses

Owen Jones of Doyle Clayton raises key legal questions about economic immigration to the UK. He speaks to Kenny Kemp The dominant news story over the summer has been the mass migration of refugees from war-torn Syria, with millions seeking safe havens across ‘civilised’ Europe. The harrowing pictures of

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Gravitate drawn to UEL’s network of employment law success

Posted on Oct 09, 2015 By In News from the UEL network

A leading Scottish human resources consultancy – helping small and medium-sized enterprises – is the latest associate to join the expanding United Employment Lawyers’ network. Gravitate HR, based in Edinburgh, was founded 10 years ago with the single idea that SME businesses would benefit from access to high quality

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